Beauty gadgets


Hi! As I am a huge fan of technology I’m going to show you my favourite gadgets at this time. I’ve tried many products in the past years and I love the evolution of the technology with every year.


I will start with my favourite gadget of all time! This is the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system. I have it for almost 2 years and I can say that it’s a miracle for women (and men because in the past years they are as interested as much as we are in this sorts of problems) that hate wasting time waxing, shaving or going to a salon to get rid of the body hair. And like if it’s not enough wasting time you get some really nice rashes after. But luckily somebody thought about us and created this system that is quick, easy to use and much less painful than waxing.

I was able to see the results from the first use when my hair growth became slower and the hair thinner. After using it for 4 times I got rid of almost all the underarm hair and in the other areas it was reduced by at least 50%. I must say that you won’t get rid of all your hair and that you’ll have to still use it once a month or every 6 weeks if you want the results to last but anyway it’s worth the money and it’s a MUST HAVE!



Because you can’t start to create a hairstyle if the hair is not dried you need a quality hair dryer. I chose Remington Ionic 2000 about 4 years ago and because I haven’t seen anything else on the market to promise more than this one and because I’m very satisfied in the results it gives I haven’t been tempted to change it. I chose it because is very powerful so the process of drying the hair is very quick and because it is ionic which leaves the hair shiny and healthy looking.


As my hair is sooo annoying when it comes to brushing as it gets full of knots and after trying all the combs and brushes in the world I’ve bought a Remington brush that is really helpful in my case.



When it comes to straightening hair I chose Philips Silky Smooth HP8345/00 and the reasons I did it are: you can also create curls with it, it has ionic conditioning that protects the hair and makes it shiny and frizz-free and I’ve also liked the digital display. If I’d have to compare with my old straightener I can say that I can really see my hair is healthier and I can create the hairstyles much quicker. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that the closing lock never worked since I bought it.

20160410_121905 (1)

The next beauty gadget I use is the Babyliss Rotating Brush. This is very helpful when you’re in a hurry because you can dry and style your hair at the same time. What I like the most about it is the volume styles you can create with it. I think is the best gadget you can use if you want voluminous hair.


The last beauty gadget I’ll tell you about is the Braun Satin-Hair 7 Colour curler (which I don’t have any more like the Philips Lumea because of a nice guy that decided to steal 3 boxes filled with my clothes and beauty products when I changed my flat). This curler is perfect for big curls, easy to use and of course it has ion technology to leave the hair shiny and frizz-free (this is how I like my hair to be all the time).

I hope you’ve found inspiration in my article! I still want to buy some more beauty gadgets one of them being a facial cleansing brush but for now this is what I use. 🙂

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