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Hi again! Because one of my friends said to me the other day that she feels a bit bored this days (I think is this changing weather that’s making us all feel bored) I’ve started thinking which good movies should I recommend to her to watch to entertain her. But then I’ve realized a movie changes your mood for about two hours but TV series keep you distracted and unstressed for days, weeks or months (it depends how many episodes they have or how many hours a day would you like to spend watching them). And because I know there are many more women in this situation and because I’ve always loved to lie in bed having a cup of tea or hot chocolate and watch for days and nights movies (when I start watching them I just can’t stop!!), I’ve decided to create a list with my favourite TV series of all time.

P.S.: I’ll just put them in random order as I can’t say I like one more than another neither in order of release date because some of them were released 10 years ago but are still in production.

 1. Dr Foster

Photo: BBC

Dr Foster is the last series I’ve watched and I can say that the story is really interesting and very related to the reality married women live this days. The story is about a doctor that has a happy family, great job, money and a very nice husband that finds out that her husband is cheating on her (after many investigations). I won’t tell you more because I hate when somebody tells me everything that’s going to happen in a movie so I’ll try not to spoil what happens. It has just 5 episodes but it’s very interesting to watch mostly because of the emotions the main character has to face.

2. Revenge



One of the main reasons you should watch this series is the outfits! They’re absolutely gorgeous! So many unique dresses both office and elegant, so many shoes, coats, hairstyles, gorgeous cars and I don’t want to say anything about the landscapes apart from: The Hamptons! The story here is about a woman whose father died when she was a little girl that comes back to revenge her father’s dead. So, if you’re a fan of mystery, drama, romance and luxury this is just for you as it has them all. It has 4 seasons (89 episodes), so you’ll a great way to brighten your day a long time.

3. Desperate Housewives



When I’ve first read the title of this TV series I said: I’m not desperate, I’m not a housewife so I won’t watch it cause probably is not for me! But one day it happened to catch it on TV (without knowing the name of it) and I’ve absolutely fell in love with it. It’s sooo funny (Gaby – Eva Longoria is totally crazy in the first season), but at the same time it has a mystery case every season and you have a lot to learn about friendship, family and fashion. It has 8 seasons (181 episodes) so buy a lot of hot chocolate and cancel all your meeting as it gives you addiction.

4. Elementary




If you’re a fan of detective movies/TV series this is one of the best I’ve seen lately. It’s a modern story of Sherlock Holmes (this time an ex drug addict but still a great detective), where his helper, Watson, is actually Joan Watson – a lady. You’ll find very funny his everyday routine and attitude to others.

5. How I met your mother



It’s the story of a young man of how he met the girl of his dreams. He is actually telling this story to his children. But you’ll see the children 5 minutes tops every episode because in the rest of the time you’ll see his day to day life, all the girls he comes across for a long period of time and also about his best friends: Barney, the guy that always wears a suit and likes to change his girlfriends every week/day and the perfect (crazy) couple Lily and Marshall. It has 9 seasons (208 episodes) and it’s a must watch.

6. Suits




Suits is not all about lawyers (the title comes from the expensive suits the lawyers wear everyday), it’s also about their lives outside the firm they work in. The first episode starts funny: with the run of a young man from the cops as he had a case filled with drugs he accepted to sell for the first time in his life just because his grandmother was very ill but when he tries to hide he gets into an office where a law firm was holding the interviews to hire a new lawyer. The funny fact is he gets the job even though he’s not prepared to do it but has a perfect memory and was able to tell any law he was asked to. It has 6 seasons (77 episodes) and it will help you find out a lot of things about laws having almost every episode a different case to solve.

7. Lipstick Jungle



This series is very short (I’m not sure why they’ve decided to stop producing it) but it’s very nice. The idea is close to the Desperate Housewives’ – the stories of some female friends but the difference is that they don’t live in suburbia and there are no crimes involved. You’ll see again loads of great outfits and nice life stories. It has 2 seasons (20 episodes) so if you want to watch something nice that won’t require spending too much time it’s a great choice.


8. Grey’s Anatomy



I think everybody heard about Grey’s Anatomy and watched it at least by mistake when switching the channels. For the ones that aren’t sure to start watching it from the beginning I can say that gives you a bit of an addiction if you watch the first 2 episodes. The story is about few doctors that work in the same hospital and get put in all sort of situations: medical and personal. All the characters are unique, they all have complicated love stories mostly because of the amount of time they spend working -I’ve never thought doctors work that much-. It’s a very long series as it has 13 seasons (264 episodes) and it’s still in production so it’s old and new at the same time.


9. Private Practice



If you enjoyed Grey’s Anatomy you should definitely watch Private Practice. It’s actually based on the same story but in a private practice from Santa Monica so you’ll have some extra luxury houses and landscapes than what you usually get in Grey’s Anatomy. One of the characters actually show up in both productions and that’s very interesting because it’s like getting responses from one series by watching the other. This series has 6 seasons (11 episodes) and teaches you loads of lessons of how the life can change in any second.


10. Being Mary Jane



I must say that I’m still watching this TV series as it’s not one that has the power to keep you bonded to the TV but it’s nice to watch when you have free time. I’ve started watching it because of the main actress that is gorgeous and her outfits that fit her perfectly. It’s the story of the host of a talk show -mostly her personal life. What makes it a bit strange is the fact that it moves a bit too quick: it’s like today she’s crying for a guy and the next day for another and there’s no extra story behind it apart from the love story – I expected to see some great news stories or some mysterious characters but she finds out anything that’s new in 5 minutes from the moment the intrigue started. It has 4 seasons (41 episodes), it’s very modern and it’s still in production.


11. Gossip Girl



I can’t miss this TV series as it was the best one I’ve watched while I was in high school. So I recommend it to young girls that want to get some inspiration regarding perfectly expensive outfits and whoever loves New York stories. It’s about some young, very rich friends, with fashion passions and that love grandiose holidays and parties.


12. New Girl




New Girls is mostly about laughing without pause 🙂 . The story is about a young woman that moves in with 3 guys she never knew before and they become BFFs in a short time. You can follow their adventures (a bit exaggerated as nobody in real life could be that crazy to do them) and how they manage to get into trouble but getting out of them with big smiles. It has 6 seasons (110 episodes) and it’s a good laugh any time of the day.


13. Castle



If you love detective movies this is another good TV series to watch. It different from the other ones because the main character, Castle, is not a cop or detective but a novel writer that follows cops to find inspiration for his books but at the same time he helps them solve cases with his knowledge from the books he read. Another thing that makes it funny and interesting is his love story with the main detective he works with. It has 8 seasons (173 episodes) so you’ll have loads of cases to follow.


14. Secrets and lies



The story from Secrets and lies is about a man that finds the body of a boy in the woods while he is jogging and becomes the main suspect of the crime. There are two versions of this series so if you want to watch it make sure you get the 2015 version because is better illustrated. I haven’t been able to stop watching until I’ve found out who the killer was so it’s that type of series (one full day!). It has just one season (10 episodes) but I think they are still shooting so hopefully there’s going to be more as it’s a great one.


15. The Vampire Diaries



Even though I’m not a fan of unrealistic movies with vampires, werewolves and other creatures I liked about this TV series that it’s a bit more realistic, it’s not all about vampires and it’s not grows (they don’t show that type of scenes). At some point it gets unrealistic and they exaggerate with the legends but the first few seasons are great to watch. It has 8 seasons (155 episodes) and you’ll learn about lots of legends about vampires that no, are not ugly!

I have lots of other series in my mind but I’ll just stop here as it would get a list too long. I’ve also watched The Big Bang Theory, Monk, CSI Miami, CSI NY, Two and a half men, Gilmore Girls, The Good Wife, House, How to get away with murder, Seinfeld, and so many others. I will just add my top 4 men TV series that any woman should watch as they are amazing.

16. Lost



I just loved the mystery about this series. Every episode you find out something that makes you change you thinking about the character’s future. It all starts with a plane crash on an island where the survivors have to spend a long time and at some point realise they’re not the only ones there (and I’m not talking about some natives). It’s It has 6 seasons (117 episodes) and it’s a really interesting story that I recommend to anyone that likes good movies.


17. Dexter



OK, I hate movies with murders and I hate criminals but Dexter is a must see. Even though Dexter is a criminal it’s a good one because he just kills other criminals that the cops can’t send to jail because of the lack of evidence -I know it sounds strange to say that he’s good but if you watch the series you’ll understand-. He is actually working in a police station being an expert in blood – he knows how the crime was committed by just analysing the blood drops-. He has everything very well organized having his special suitcase when going to “solve” a case (murder someone) and has everything calculated. It has 8 seasons (96 episodes) and it’ll make you think about how criminals act.


18. Gotham



I don’t watch Gotham for a long while because let’s be honest: when you hear it’s about Batman you think is for little boys. But it’s a really interesting story behind it. It’s the story of Batman when he was a child – not that much of him as of the cop that helps him all the time and how the enemies of him became what his enemies if I can say like this. I really don’t miss any episode as it’s still in production and by now there are 3 seasons (44 episodes).


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