My skincare routine – 2016


Because since I was 18 I have struggled with acne, my skincare routine is complex. I have seen at least 6 different dermatologists in different countries, I have read thousands of articles about best skincare products and I have tried almost everything on the market. I won’t include my acne treatment because I’m planning to write an article just about Acne but I will show some of the products that I combine with the treatment for full effect.


First thing I use in the morning is this Simple Foaming Cleanser that helps me get quickly a clean skin, ready for the next step.


Next step is a hydrating cream (because the acne treatment dries my skin a lot and the make-up looks strange on a dried skin), Vichy Normaderm Beautifying anti-blemish care 24H hydration. This product is not just hydrating, it’s also useful in acne treatment as it contains Salicylic Acid and LHA and a big, big plus: it also helps you get rid of the colour marks!


Just got this Daily Primer & Clearing Serum from Witch that promises to even out the skin, hold make-up in place and prevent new spots, ao after I finish the Normaderm cream I will give it a try and write a review as it sounds pretty good.


When I get back home of course I need to get rid of the make-up. If I haven’t used a lot of make-up during the day I start with a gentle cleanser from No7 (Soft &Soothed) and then use the toner from the same brand. I really like this products as I am a huge No7 fan.


To make sure I’ve cleaned all the make-up of I use Micellar Water from La Roche-Posay. I love dermatocosmetics so I never miss a day without using the micellar water and the Thermal Water.


Every time I feel my skin is tired or the acne is active (and annoying)  I just spray some Thermal Water from Avene and it feels soooooo much better. I recommend it to everyone and I have to admit that sometimes I just use it because I like how it feels like.

Apart from daily routine I use other products that I change everyday because each one has different effect and they are not recommended for daily use (or they are but that would be too much for my skin).


Once or twice a week I try to make a deep cleaning so I use the Glycolic Cleansing Fix from Nip+Fab that actually changes the appearance of your skin instantly. It makes it brighter and feeling very very soft! Also I use the Cleansing Pads from Nip+Fab and they are great if you want an easy to use scrub because it actually feels like a scrub.


I am also a big fan of facial masks and I love trying the newest ones on the market. Now I use a Vitamin C mask from Global Beauty Care when I want to feel my skin fresh, Manuka Honey Mask from Lanocrem when I feel the skin needs to be hydrated and the Mud Pac from Montagne Jeunesse as additional acne treatment.


As a treatment for colour marks I use the Skin Therapy Oil from Palmer’s at least twice a week. This face oil is magical, it has loads of different oils in its composition, like sweet almond oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil…and the list continues. Even though it’s an oil, it doesn’t feel like that, it’s not greasy at all, it actually goes into the skin immediately and you don’t even feel like you’ve used it unless you see your skin brighter and healthier after using it for a few times.

That’s it for today. I still have a lot of products that I use but I’ll tell you about them some other time!

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