The best antiperspirant ever [Perspirex]

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I am not the most active person in the world but I am always looking for new adventures, try to keep me fit and I don’t sit too much at work. That means also that, as any human being, I have to make sure I don’t sweat (honestly, who likes that??).

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Go to gym with no worries! [Perspirex]
By now I have tried almost every antiperspirant on the market and some of them were useful, but like the last one that I’ve tried: none! To be honest I don’t even think I’ve had heard before about an antiperspirant that helps you get rid of sweat for at least 3 days, all the other ones that I’ve tried were proud to say that they’ll help you for 24h or 48h…

When I’ve first tried Perspirex I was almost sure that is just the same as the old one: promises a lot but does nothing special. I am very proud to say that is actually AMAZING. It feels like heaven to not have to think about stains on clothes and be able to enjoy wearing grey or yellow blouses that were almost impossible to wear before.

Perspirex is in my everyday routine (or every 4 days routine 🙂 )

I’ve seen the effects from the first use and I just had to reapply it after 3 days. Now I use it every 4-5 days. You don’t even have to reapply it after showering as it’s still working and I’ve got no side effects, irritation or anything similar. It’s just perfect! I went to gym, I’ve used it on holiday (over 30 degrees) and I’m still amazed by it’s power!

Really recommend it!!


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