Review Samsung Gear 360

As it’s Valentine’s Day I have to share my love… my love for gadgets 🙂 I’ve been using this amazing, cute, little gadget for 6 weeks now and I can say so many things about it.


  • It’s the best gadget (in my opinion) to save your memories from holidays or beautiful places around you; and why do I say this? How else would I have been able to capture two brides in London next to Big Ben?

Or the #womensmarch in Leicester Square?

Or a whole street from London by just taking the camera out of your Mini Cooper’s hatch?

Or the happiness on my face when my brother came to visit me from Romania?

Or the beautiful city centre of Birmigham?

Or the first snow in Birmingham?

It’s been such an useful tool also for the school I work for to present on their website the new library and gym.

  • It’s very easy to use: just press a button to turn it on and another one to take a picture (3..2..1 smile!!).Easy to switch between Photo mode and Video mode (again, just the press of a button).
  • “It’s alienish”: the design is very cool and all my friends have been intrigued by it at a birthday party where I’ve put it in the middle of the dance floor and took some shots of them.
  • The app is very easy to use and it’s quick enough.


  • If you send the pictures through messenger or email the receiver won’t be able to see it straight as a 360 degreea picture, unless he/she posts it on Facebook or uses another app/website to convert it.
  • Instagram doesn’t support 360 degrees pictures yet.
  • Some friends complaint about the fact that they can see just a flat picture on Facebook as their phones/tablets don’t have a sensor for it (but 90% of them were able to see it properly or just used a laptop to check it.
  • It’s not good to put it on the floor if the women are wearing dresses/skirts. 😂 😂

Conclusion: I definitely recommend it if you travel a lot (I wish I had it when I’ve been skiing 🎿 in Romania or in Paris to capture every single corner of the view) and you like to share your experiences with you family and friends in the most accurate way (I was able to show my flat to my parents in a 2 min video and had no questions afterwards as they were able to zoom every single corner).

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