Why am I so disappointed with Virgin Media!? 

Dear Virgin Media,
I’m one of your customers for more than a year and a half and I’m so disappointed with your services. I will try to tell you all the reasons as quick as possible (even though there’s no quick way to share my unending bad experiences with the company).

1. When I’ve placed the first order for a TV, internet and phone bundle, I’m not sure how (because I repeated my address 3 times) but you’ve got the wrong home address. So I’ve got to call back to inform about this problem (after I’ve received an email informing me that the parcel will be delivered to Flat 1 not Flat 2, where I have told your employee I live).

2. When I called the second time the guy that answered the phone could barely speak English, asked me at least 7 times where do I live and couldn’t understand that I needed my parcel as soon as possible (I know from experience that if a company makes a mistake tries to reward the customer in some way – and all I wanted was my order to come at the date set in the first place). After I spoke to him more than one hour I have told him not to send me anything anymore because he was too annoying asking the same questions again and again (PS: I’m a very calm and respectful person and tried to answer nicely every single time he asked those questions). 

3. After I spoke to your third employee I solved the problem (with no benefit for me: with more than a week delay). But with a new problem: I’ve received not 1, not 2, but 3 boxes with the bundles, all with different addresses (just one had my address, the other ones were brought to me by my neighbours). 

When I received the second wrong box I called immediately to inform your company about the problem and they said to go to a CollectPlus centre to send the box back. The second day I received the second box, chatted with your employees online and they said the same thing: take them to the CollectPlus centre. I did that! I am a short, skinny person, but I carried two heavy boxes for 30 minutes to the nearest centre (had to take breaks because my hands hurt) and there they said: “you need a label from VirginMedia in order to be able to return them”. 

Went back home, chatted again with one of your employees and he said that I will receive by mail a bag to put the boxes in and then take them to the CollectPlus centre. After MORE THAN A YEAR still no bag received!!! Meanwhile I have contacted Virgin Media many times and every time they said they will send the bags. Should I keep them or sell them or… ?
4. When I’ve placed the order there was a campaign that was offering to all new customers for every bundle like the one I’ve got a £100 John Lewis voucher ( if you ordered online). I’ve started the order online but I called to ask a question and the operator finalised the order by phone (shouldn’t I still be entitled to get one? Or at least shouldn’t your employees inform me about that campaign and ask me to do it online at least the second time I spoke to them and they realized they’ve done some silly mistakes?).

5. I’ve received a phone call to get a great deal: pay extra £2 or £3 monthly and get loads of extra channels for 6 months (who would say no to that). Received the contract, signed it (didn’t rear through as I thought that that for extra £3 you can’t add any more clauses apart from extending the contract which didn’t matter to me as I was happy with the TV service) and surprise: after 6 months my bill increased by £20/month and that’s how I started with ~£34/month for few months, ~£54 for other few months and got to £74.

Contacted Virgin Media through online chat, after one hour of chatting: no solution. No chance to return to my old package, no nothing: they just offered me some new contracts where I would’ve had to pay more for less services???!!! 

Called a month later and accepted one of those stupid offers. Obviously the only channel I was watching (Movies 24) is not there anymore. So happy with my choice!

6. For about 3 days the screen turns black:

In the first day it stayed black for about 8 hours.

Next day for one hour. 

Afterwards stays black every time I change the channel for 30sec – 3 min.

I’ve tried the online diagnosis and no, it’s not working so basically I have to call you again. 

7. I haven’t seen in my entire life such fees for international calls –  more than £1/min??? 

8. Your mobile data speed is so low, I had to wait 15 min to listen to a song that was 3 minutes long (this is why I’ve cancelled my Virgin Mobile contract). 

This is it for today. I’m curious what’s going to happen tomorrow… And the next day…

Best regards!


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