Cleaner beauty

Why have I picked this topic? It’s easy: my skin is so annoying. Why? I used to say I had no idea, but now I know the reasons.

Let me explain what was/is wrong with my skin. If I would have to sum it up in one word, that would be `acne`. For more than 10 years it is haunting me. Every wrong step I take it comes back and it gets worse than before. And it is so hard not to take a wrong step…

  1. Food. Fast food. Greasy food. Pastries. Pizza. Pancakes. Chocolate. Cakes, oh cakes!! I love them all.IMG_1203 IMG_6216IMG_6218I’m not saying I don’t like fruits and vegetables, but you can’t go out with friends and watch them eating a burger while you have a salad. Or binge watch Marcella and have some pears instead of a chocolate ice-cream or a peanut chocolate… Just writing about it and it makes me want to take a trip to the shop and buy them all. How I manage to avoid them? First of all, I don’t have them in the house: no chocolate, no fizzy drinks, no burgers or chips. If I crave over fizzy drinks with loads of sugar I prepare a smoothie. Is extremely sweet and does the trick for me. If I crave chocolate or cakes, I make a fruit salad and add some maple syrup to add even more sweetness. 

    I try to eat as many salads as I can. I put all the vegetables I have in the fridge in them and sometimes I add a bit of grilled meat, cheese or sea fruit.IMG_1033IMG_1207

  2. I have to be honest, I don’t always help myself, so if someone brings in the house fizzy drinks or chocolate: I finish them all in 10 mins. And the next day you can see it on my skin: painful breakouts start showing off, red skin and puffy eyes. But at least I don’t have them every day, as if I want to I know how to avoid them.
  3. Skin products. I liked to try all the silly things that came up on the market. They promised so much so I couldn’t help myself. Cleansing milk/gel/foam… they were supposed to clean the skin so what could have they do to my skin? A lot is the answer. First of all, most of them did not clean the skin properly. After using them I have tried to also clean the skin with skin cleansing wipes and I was able to see a lot of foundation leftover. Second of all, even though in their description in TV commercials or online posts they were described as having a natural active ingredient, the rest of the ingredients were totally not natural. I even checked some of the ingredients online and, although the products were ‘for acne prone skin’ they were causing acne and irritation. There are many websites where you can type in the name of a products and they show you all the ingredients and their level of irritation/acne causing. How do I avoid this type of products? I try to use only natural ingredients products, and if some of the ingredients on the labels look unnatural I type in the ingredient on Google to see if there are any chances for that ingredient to spoil the whole benefit of the product. Just two weeks ago I have tried a new face cream, which was described as being non-comedogenic, so I also assumed it has pretty natural ingredients, but nope, it was not. My skin had a huge reaction to it so now I have to wait few weeks until the skin is going to clear up. This is how it looks now, after two weeks (it has been worse than this).

So I totally regret not going through my normal routine and checking out the product before trying it. I will definitely check out the next products and try to keep my skin healthy also from the inside.

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