My Kenwood Disaster Chef experience

Most of you already know that I have been competing in the Disaster Chef competition.

It was a really great experience, that I have enjoyed every minute (until the finals, because I never made the finals, but I will tell you later about it).

It all started with me completing and online form explaining why I consider myself a Disaster Chef. I have related about the time when I have tried to make my mom’s stuffed peppers which I have left in the oven for too long (few hours!!) and they became a piece of carbon (you could’ve barely noticed that there were peppers in the first place).

After that I have received a call from Kenwood asking me for more details and the next day an email informing me: ‘You have been selected to be part of our competition’. I was extremely happy and excited!

But all became more amazing about one week later when the magic Kenwood Titanium Chef was delivered. A huge parcel including not just the cooking chef but also loads of accessories. I must admit I was a bit worried I won’t have where to store them, they were that many.

Then, every week for 5 weeks, I have received a parcel with ingredients and a recipe to cook so I can show how the Kenwood kitchen machine is helping me improve my cooking/baking.

You can see the full description of every recipe here and my evolution here (and also the other contestants here).

I will just attach some pictures from each week:

Week 1: Tuile Biscuits by Blanc Raymond

Week 2: Gluten Free Banana Bread

Week 3: Family friendly stuffed lamb burgers

Week 4: Thai Minced Turkey Salad

Week 5: Spaghetti Vongole

My only regret is I haven’t won, and not because of the prize but because after the whole school saw me in the newspapers I kind of promised the pupils I will give my best to win. And the moment I’ve had to tell them I haven’t even made the finals was a bit embarrassing (it’s good that nobody called me anymore for more than 2 weeks ‘worst cook’ and ‘disaster chef’.
Like I said, it was wonderful to be part of this project. I’m not sure what the jury was looking for but I have tried my best, as I have promised to my pupils and I have enjoyed every moment (apart from the newspaper articles: I am not the worst chef in Britain,  I’m just unlucky when it comes to cooking and baking).

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