Just breathe [Boots allergy spray]

Finally sunny days ☀,  everybody goes for walks, ride their bikes,… All sounds nice, but, because there is always a but!!!! everything comes with red eyes, tears and sneezes. 

Luckily I’ve tried the nasal spray for allergies from Boots and I can finally breathr like a normal person. It works very quick (like 3-5 minutes) and is cheaper than the other similar sprays. This tells me just one thing: “the summer is back, the feeling is hot” as the song says and I can admire all the flowers from 30 cm away and not sneeze. That’s all I needed to have a great summer. 

It’s definitely in my bag for Eurotrip next week. France, Germany, Austria, Romania, I have a message for you: I will visit all your parks and I will smile in all the pictures #allergyfree !!!

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